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MICROBIOTONIC – an antenna, sensor a harmonic signal electromagnetic wave.
Supports the contractility of the heart muscle (myocardium). It functions from the own infrared radiation of the human body and electromagnetic resonance. It has a positive effect on the electrical and mechanical activity of the heart.
The device is fixed on the surface of the skin tissue in the heart area.
Myocardium determines the frequency of contractions of the heart and their intensity. The speed and volume of transported blood and, accordingly, the quality of supply of organs with nutrients and oxygen depend on this. The level of excitability of the heart muscle depends on external and internal factors affecting the human body. In stressful situations, when physical activity increases, the impulses delivered to myocardial cells cause it to contract with greater frequency and force. Thus, the blood moves through the body faster and in large volumes than in a calm state. The processes occurring in the myocardium and various parts of the heart can be disrupted under the constant influence of negative factors, in the role of which most often there are any pathologies or diseases. Then the contractile ability of the heart muscle is lost, and the intensity of its contraction decreases. Disorders in the work of certain organs and their systems, various diseases – most often vascular or heart. The most common hypoxia, ischemia. Myocardial ischemia. Ischemia causes short-term changes in metabolism, electrical and mechanical activity of the heart.